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Sponsor Spotlight: Business Embracing Sport
Originally printed in Sport Quarterly, June 2007

The connection between Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Sport Nova Scotia has been ongoing for more than 10 years. And, appropriately enough, it was a sport connection that brought the two organizations together.

For many Enterprise employees, sport has always been a passion. One such example is Doug Nugent, Group Rental Manager for Nova Scotia. A native of Sydney, Nugent played baseball for the K.O.C. Red Sox of the Sydney and District Little League and the Sydney Academy hockey team while growing up. As he got older, he stuck with baseball all the way up to the Nova Scotia Senior Baseball League’s Sydney Sooners. After graduating from St. Mary’s University, Nugent went looking for a career that might offer the same kinds of personal challenge and competitive environment he had enjoyed so much in sports, and found exactly that at Enterprise.

What he also found was that some of his co-workers, many of his clients and a number of his key accounts would be people he had crossed paths with over the years while competing in amateur sports. Included in these was a good friend and former teammate who introduced Nugent to Sport Nova Scotia Director of Marketing, Jeff LeDrew. From there began the relationship that Enterprise and Sport Nova Scotia enjoy today, which includes Enterprise’s role as the official car rental agency of Sport Nova Scotia, offering a special rate for Nova Scotia sports teams as they travel throughout Atlantic Canada.

“I truly believe that without sport and, in particular the support of my parents and coaches along the way, I wouldn’t be prepared to handle the challenging role I fill today at Enterprise,” say Nugent.

Amit Joshi has been an assistant manager with Enterprise Canada in Halifax for over two years. His passion and involvement with cricket goes back to when he was in grade three. What hockey is for Canada, cricket is for India: and Joshi is the epitome of a cricket fan. He went through the rigors of the sport at one of India’s leading cricket academies and understands the nuances of the sport.

He brought the same passion for cricket to his adopted home province of Nova Scotia. Since 2003, he has been an active player at the Nova Scotia Cricket Association (NSCA) and quickly moved up the ranks to become the captain of the Nova Scotia Cricket team.

With a business environment that embraces sport – as exemplified by Nugent and Joshi – it’s little wonder the relationship between Enterprise and Sport Nova Scotia has worked so well.

“We believe it is important to provide financial resources to worthwhile non-profit initiatives that are actively supported by our employees, their spouses, and loyal Enterprise customers,” says Juanita Currie, corporate account manager for Enterprise in Atlantic Canada. “Our giving flows from the belief that we owe our success to the communities we serve, and we must support their good causes in return.”