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Dairy Farmers of Canada is a not-for-profit corporation established and funded by dairy producers. In the Maritime Provinces, they represent more than 600 dairy producers. Their mission is to promote fluid milk and milk products by communicating the nutritional value of milk to health professionals and consumers through educational programs and marketing activities.
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/f65/Portals/0/images/sponsor/CanadianMilk_s.jpg An Official Funding Partner of Sport Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Health & Wellness mandate is to provide policies, programs and services that maintain, enhance and create quality sport, recreation and fitness opportunities which improve health and contribute to the social and economic well-being of all Nova Scotians. 

Sport Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit federation of around 60 provincial sport governing bodies representing over 162,000 sport participants in Nova Scotia. Sport Nova Scotia is in the business of developing and promoting an athlete-centered amateur sport system while serving provincial sport governing bodies and other sport-related organizations.



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